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Promote This is fast becoming known for the creation of effective communications and its strategic placement between brands and their key audiences. Our work helps brands connect with humans, influence buying behaviour and cause action in their niches.

At Promote This, we appreciate the passion that it takes to drive a remarkable brand.
We also know that for a brand to go from height to height it takes a strong connection with a community, or audience, who too share the same passion in that niche – you just need to promote your brand to them in the right way.
That’s where we come in. We help identify what kind of advertising you need, assist in the creation of a robust strategy and we get shit done. No fluffing about.
Are your customers on social media? What content do they prefer?
Will you connect with them better face-to-face? Do you require online advertising or offline advertising? Do you want to be featured in major magazines and publications? Or do you want to be seen in your local newspaper? We know what will work best for you.
That coupled with the fact that we treat your wallet like it’s our own ensures your advertising dollars go as far as possible.
As you can see, we’re as passionate about your brand as you are and together we’ll find the best way to connect with your community.


At Promote This We Believe In